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This paper presents a joint use of the T2 chart and Total Inertial Tolerancing for process control. Here, we will show an application of these approaches in the case of the machining of mechanical workpieces using a cutting tool. When a cutting tool in machining impacts different manufactured dimensions of the workpiece, there is a correlation between these parameters when the cutting tool has maladjustment due to bad settings. Thanks to Total Inertial Steering, the correlation structure is known. This paper shows how T2 charts allow one to take this correlation into account when detecting the maladjustment of the cutting tool. Then the Total Inertial Steering approach allows one to calculate the value of tool offsets in order to correct this maladjustment. We will present this approach using a simple theoretical example for ease of explanation.

For more information: T² et Pilotage inertiel total V9-janv13

By: Maurice Pillet, Boukar Abdelhakim, Eric Pairel, Bastien Rizzon, Nassim Boudaoud, Zohra Cherfi